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Tired of Juggling Social Media and Your Business? Sick of Spending Top Dollar to Launch Ad Campaigns to Cold Pages? Keep Their Attention With Relevant, Branded Content and Make More Sales.

If you’re like most business owners, you could use a few more hours in your day. There’s never quite enough time to get through all the “must dos” on that never ending to-do list, much less anything else. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t have time to create an extensive social media strategy, much less have the time to research engaging, relevant content to put that strategy in motion. You understand that your clients need to see and recognize your brand and that building a foundation of engaging social media is the way to do it. You just can’t find the time to make it happen.

That’s where The Social Minute comes in. It’s your branding, your keywords, and your rules. Take the guesswork out of social media management, and teach your followers they can depend on you for great stuff before you post a single product photo or share an offer.

We both know you don’t have time to build your empire AND create a powerful social media presence. Let The Social Minute do the heavy lifting on your social accounts so your can better spend your time elsewhere.

How does it work?

You’re given a list of content to skim and approve once a month.

If accepted, images will be designed with your branding attached based on the approved messages.

Those posts will be scheduled and posted for you.

That’s it! Even with The Social Minute enabled, you still have complete access and control over your social media presence. You can post whenever you like, and to help you achieve the results you want, we’ll send you weekly updates and guides for how you can make your own posts resonate better with your audience. Keeping them engaged now will keep you from losing business later.


On top of making your customers care about what you have to say when we’re behind the reigns, we also offer periodic training webinars so that you can better implement marketing strategies when posting your own updates. (Some of our clients worry about undoing all our hard work. Don’t stress, we’ve got your covered.)

The training webinars are offered in addition to the weekly pointers we’ll email to help you reach your clients and audience through your social channels.

The Social Minute is more than social scheduling. It’s online marketing done right.

Still not sure if you’re ready to let someone else lead? We offer a trial package for $14 which includes 7 pieces of curated content (images, videos, articles, etc.). Due to the involved nature of our offering it will take one week to learn your branding, client needs, and expectations, and during the second week you’ll get to see what it’s like to have your social accounts run almost by themselves.


  • What Social Media Channels Do You Cover?
    • We currently cover Facebook and Instagram, and eventually plan to support Linkedin as well. If you register during the Beta launch you will automatically receive coverage under the new platforms as we release them.
  • Do I Need to Purchase Both Facebook & Instagram Packages?
    • You do not need to purchase both packages to have quote-based images we create shared on your Facebook and Instagram pages. We include sharing of those images on both networks for maximum reach potential and to reach multiple facets of your audience.
  • Do You Have a Trial Period?
    • Yes! For $14 you will receive 7 pieces of curated content from us (images, videos, quotes, etc.) It will take one week to set up your account and learn your branding, clients, and needs, but during the second week you’ll get to see our service in action and see what it’s like to have your social accounts on auto-pilot.

What We Are/What You Get

The Social Minute offers on brand, on point, social media management. You approve the content we want to share once, and we’ll take care of the rest. You get the strategy, branding, design work, and the mundane drudgery that is post scheduling – all you need to do is sign up. Why waste your valuable time scheduling and creating posts yourself? Worse yet, why waste your precious minutes managing a multi-person team who might not fully understand your audience and what they need? The Social Minute takes into account what your clients needs, aspirations, and pain points are and how your branding fits in – you won’t get that with automated schedulers or most VAs.

Save time. Save money. Create a baseline of content so you can reach your customers every time you post.


Is your Instagram looking drab?

Don’t miss out because your customers pass you by! Allow The Social Minute to design relevant, engaging posts which will speak to your customers, build a foundation of brand trust and recognition, and inspire your followers on a daily or weekly basis.

Here’s how it works.

We learn your brand, who your customers are and what they need. Then, we painstakingly research quality images and quotes which will reach your audience and reflect your brand values.

We use your logos, brand colours, and any guidelines or design elements to develop post templates from scratch.

We want to ensure consistency across platforms, messages, and content which in turn builds brand awareness and builds confidence in what you offer.

Finally, we add a caption to each post which is written in your voice. These captions feature relevant hashtags to attract new clients and to encourage conversation. – Oh, and we schedule & publish them for you, too.

Yep. It’s that easy.

1st section:

You get peace of mind from knowing your brand is being represented and promoted in a way that appeals to your clients.

2nd section:

There’s no contract! You’re never locked into an agreement.

3rd section:

We cater our content to your brand as it grows and develops, and revise our strategy as the needs and wants of your audience change.

Plans: The plan descriptions were to be filled in by the client and were largely technical information which they did not want assistance with.

Choose From Two Design Options:

In “The Stunner” and “Lookin’ Good” plans, you get template quotes which are template-based images featuring relevant quotes. They will keep your followers double tapping your photos or clicking their “Like” button. These templates are built for your brand exclusively and are made from scratch by our design team.

In the “Blow My Mind” plan, you’ll get template quotes as well as more extensively tailored picture quotes. Each picture quote we share will still feature your colours and branding, but will also be modified to include a message-relevant photograph. Since each of these photos will be different, each of these quote images will be created by a designer for your feeds alone.


Fulfilling orders, replying to inquiries and designing new products. These are all things you would rather be doing, and NEED to do to keep your day to day operations from grinding to a halt. Your social media, though absolutely essential to the growth of your business, might be left vacant for days – even weeks- while you prep for your next big launch or ship out back-ordered products.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The Social Minute curates exceptional content and creates professionally designed images which will keep your clients on your page and engaged, even when you can’t be.

Every article or video shared and every quote we design a graphic for are all approved by you to ensure brand compatibility and that we understand the needs of your customers. We provide posts for Instagram and Facebook and can cross post graphics to either platform to maximize the potential reach with every post.

We can post as much as a few times a day or as little as a few times a week based on your needs.

**Details on Different Packages Would Go Here & Would be Determined by the Client** 


Providing services is hard, and can be a nightmare for time management. Unless you’re also offering course admission or selling information products, you can fall into a place where you’re literally trading your time to your clients.

When your work hours are all going to clients, and are all spoken for, how do you manage social media? Curating interesting posts that will resonate with your tribe or following is difficult, especially when you are already spread thin.

The Social Minute can help. We’ll learn your business, learn your branding, and learn what your clients need. Then we’ll use that knowledge to find the most interesting, inspiring, and thought-provoking content the internet has to offer. After you approve it, we’ll schedule periodic posts to let your clients  know you’re still around. Not only will we build brand awareness and trust, but we’ll keep your name on their minds, so that when they’re ready to hire you’ll be the first person they call.

We can post as much as a few times a day or as little as a few times a week based on your needs and your audience.

**Information on Industry-Specific Different Packages**

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