Things to Know About Working With Me

Satisfaction is #1

When you purchase a content package or begin a project with me you get unlimited revisions for the term allotted in the description. I typically don’t need more than one rounds of edits, but if something doesn’t sit right with you I want to retool and tweak until it’s as close to perfect as is humanly possible.

Hands Off Content

I don’t require babysitting. We’ll chat about your business vision and goals. (We’ll talk about who your ideal clients are. We’ll discuss what your branding is meant to convey and what’s important for your brand messaging. We will then, and discuss what you need. Blog posts you have ideas for, blog posts you need to have done from scratch, SEO keyword research, all new website copy, sales pages, or even social media posts. If it involves words I’m confident I can make it sizzle.

You don’t need to do a thing! We chat, then you go back to focusing on your business while I hole up in my writing den and make magic. When I have the first draft of everything, that’s when you get involved. Read over the copy, make it all to hell or give me the green light, and then take a deep breath. If no revisions are necessary then your content is ready to cut and paste into any newsletter, sales page, or social media scheduler. If revisions are necessary then I run off to update and tweak based on your feedback.

A Guide Explaining Why it Works

Once everything is complete you’ll get a short cheat sheet which explains my decisions. What makes one word better versus another word? This guide will help you if you choose to DIY future writing projects and can be beneficial when hiring copywriters so they know what the mindset was behind every decision.

The Services

If you invest in my package plans, then you’ll receive unlimited, free revisions for the period of time listed in each package. That means I’ll keep tweaking, changing, and revising until it’s perfect, even if that means scrapping hours of work and starting from square one. (I’ve never had to do that, but that’s how committed I am to making sure you are in love with my work at the end of the project.)

Blogging Package Deals

Regular Blogging Bundle – $500 – (6 month contract – $475 per month)

4 Blog Posts – You’ll provide the topics and a few sentences about the overarching message, and I’ll provide the rest. At this pace you’ll have 1 blog post for each week of typical calendar months. This rate includes basic research into topics, your written style and branding tone of voice, and unlimited revision for 15 days. [These projects typically take 7-10 days to complete.]

Boosted Blogging Bundle – $900 – (6 month contract – $875 per month)

8 Blog Posts – So you want to be an over-achiever and share blog content twice a week? Or perhaps you’ll be busy for the next two months and don’t want your content marketing to fall by the wayside. Whatever the case, I’m happy to help! You send over topics and a few sentences to convey the overall purpose you’d of the blog post. This package includes basic research into topics, your written style and branding tone of voice, and unlimited revision for 30 days. [These projects typically take 10-14 days to complete.]

Mega Blogging Bundle – $1500 – (6 month contract – $1300 per month)

12 Blog Posts – Your blog is the backbone of your advertising efforts, you’re a website that produces content multiple times a week and you need a hand, or you want to have a backlog of content to throw onto your site for whenever you’re unable to contribute on schedule. I’m thrilled to offer my assistance. You send me topics and a few sentences about what you’d like each post to be about, and I’ll do basic research and unlimited revision for 30 days. [These projects typically take 14-20 days to complete.]

Keep in mind, all Blog Packages include:

  • Unlimited revision for the period of time listed.
  • SEO
  • Title suggestions for each post
  • Basic (non-technical or academic) Research

Webpage Rewrite Package

Bargain Basic Website Revamp – $400

In this package, you’ll get the essential web pages for any business or online service (Home, About, & Goods/Services). The Home & About pages are THE most visited pages on any website, and having details about your goods/service is the only way you’re going to make sales.

What’s included?

  • A thorough brand evaluation document that explains your unique brand tone of voice and the key language used that is essential to hooking your target customer. The tips included will be included in an easy to read pdf. It will make DIY-ing copy yourself in the future a breeze and will also help if you utilize a copywriter in the future for blog posts, product descriptions, etc.
  • Unlimited revisions for 15 days on all 3 pages (Home, About, & Goods/Services). I’ll even scrap them and start over if something doesn’t jive or feel right.
  • A ready-to-use Word Doc of your Home, About, and Goods/Services page written copy. It will be prepared to be pasted into your website provider of choice.
  • Email Support throughout the process to answer questions about why I recommend the approaches I utilize and what makes your copy tick. (Basically for those 15 days you’ll have access to a copywriter brain. Use it!)
  • Unless SUBSTANTIAL revisions are requested or required, the process is typically completed within 7 days. Imagine that. You could go frm ‘Hmm… What do I write?’ to DONE in 7 days, without doing the legwork!

Mid-Grade Website Revamp – $550

It is absolutely necessary to use the same language on your website as you do on your sales pages or offer pages, which is why in this package I include a Home page, About page, Services/Goods page, and one offer page. Consistency helps build trust in both you, and your brand. Whether your offer page is for a free download, an opt-in for your newsletter, or a sales page for your latest and greatest package/product/service, I’ll make it sing. Your clients will go from ‘what’s that?’ to ‘gotta have it!’

What’s included?

  • A thorough language evaluation so you’ll have a detailed brand tone of voice and word choice guide for the next time you DIY website content or hire a copywriter. You’ll be ready out of the gate, which will make your job (or their job) easier.
  • A Home page, About page, Goods/Services page, and a tailored sales or offer page. That’s all the content you need for a complete, money-making or list building website TODAY.
  • Ready to paste copy for your pages, including headline and formatting suggestions.
  • Unlimited revision for 15 days.
  • Email support for the 15 days I’m working on your copy/working on revisions. You’ll have free reign to pick a copywriter’s brain. I’m happy to offer insight on why I’m structuring pages the way I am, why I chose particular wording, or what makes your copy tick.
  • Unless SUBSTANTIAL revisions are required, the website copy should be complete within 7 days.

The Whole Enchilada Website Revamp AND Launch Package – $875

When you need to launch a new website or re-launch your website with a bang, you should consider getting the whole enchilada. You’ll get a Home page, About page, Services/Goods page, an Offer page, and FOUR blog posts. That is four web pages of copy, ready to go, and a month’s worth of blog posts to help you begin building your authority. For this package you’ll get unlimited revision on all included content for 30 days and have the option to upgrade.

What’s Included?

  • Home, About, Services/Goods, an Offer Page – This copy will be ready for you to paste into the website platform of your choice and will come complete with headline and formatting suggestions for maximum engagement and impact.
  • Unlimited Revision on the Content for 30 days. That’s unlimited changes to all 4 pages and all 4 blog posts, even if that means scrapping a version of a page or a post and starting from the beginning.
  • You’ll also receive a tool that will make DIY-ing your own content later a breeze! The guide is a short pamphlet tailored to your brand, audience, and tone of voice so you can effectively engage your readers in the future, or have an easier time working with copywriters on your next project.
  • Email Support for 30 days – You get to pick a copywriter brain about your target audience and why the strategy selected was chosen for the content on your website. You can also ask questions about the best way to utilize the copy provided. It’s like having a copywriter on call to answer content questions.
  • 4 SEO-Friendly Blog Posts – These will also be ready to paste and will come with several title suggestions. You simply provide the topics and a few sentences about what you’d like the general content or overall message of the blog to be. I’ll research relevant keywords and write an SEO-ready post and post description you can stick into YOAST or another SEO plugin.
  • Social Media Posts – This is a launch package, so you’ll also get a Facebook post, a Twitter Post, and text for an Instagram caption to help promote your site for each of the blog posts. (You’ll also get a few recommended hashtags for Twitter and Instagram.)
  • Unless SUBSTANTIAL revision is required, the copy for the entire website and blog posts can be completed within 14-20 days. Imagine going from zero to launch in as little as two weeks!

Doing a Re-Launch or Launching a New Site You Want to Tell Your Clients About?

You can add Newsletter copy or a several email Newsletter Drip for $15 per email to announce our new content and get your list excited! These emails will include two possible subject lines per email.

Writing Improvement Reports for Business Owners, Bloggers, & Writers

Writing Evaluation Reports: $120 – Order Nowyour-content-isnt-converting

If you regularly write blog posts, web content, or newsletters (or anything else!) for your business, but you aren’t in a position to hire an editor to look over everything you share, this is for you! The process is very simple. You send me 5 different samples of your writing or 5,000 words of one long document, you let me know what the purpose of each piece is supposed to be, and who your target audience/demographic is. I will evaluate the text, and return a spreadsheet with details about how you can improve your writing, increase your conversions, and a fool-proof checklist for making sure you remember to implement the fixes. My goal is for your business, blog, or organization to be represented in the best possible light. I want to make your copy sparkle!

You’ll Get A Breakdown Of:

  • Your 10 most prominent basic errors (grammatical/usage/punctuation/etc.)
    (If there are significantly more, I’ll let you know and we can discuss. I won’t send you off into the wild without a map!)
  • 2 things that keep people who read your writing from clicking buy, subscribing, or doing whatever you need them to
  • A detailed report which lets you know how to fix the copy writing rules you’re breaking on the regular
  • A checklist to glance over before you tap publish or hit send

Does this sound like what you need to spice up your copy? Email me at fox[at] if you’d like to talk more! If you’d rather chat, you can schedule a call with me here.

If These Packages Sound Like Overkill…

Because you simply need an individual post or page created or redone, I’d be happy to quote an individual rate for particular projects, or bill on an hourly basis. Email me at or schedule a call to discuss your needs.